Welcome to my hub home. People is where my multifaceted work unites. Let’s get started!

Collaborating with people, working towards a positive and creative outcome, whether it’d be through photography, in health and wellbeing, as a coach or consultant.

Working together, identifying and mapping out how to achieve the best outcome for you as my client.
These best results are going to be achieved with trust, high energy, direction and depth.

Looking forward to connect with you, excited to have you here – Welcome home!

To quote Phil Knight (NIKE founder)

When you make something,
when you improve something,
when you deliver something,
when you add some new thing or service to the lives of strangers,
making them happier or healthier, or safer, or better,
and when you do it all crisply and efficiently, smartly,
the way everything should be done but so seldom is –
you’re participating more fully in the whole grand human drama.
More than simply alive, you’re helping others to live more fully,
and if that’s business, all right, call me a businessman.
*Or in my case, businesswoman!*