Anja’s Bio

I do what I LOVE and I LOVE what I DO

I love working with people, capturing the unique moments in their lives, treasuring very special memories for them, showing them the beauty in their natural self. 
My ability to connect at ease with people, allows me to highlight and generate the best in people. In the process we have fun!
Working through the process, matching energy with energy professionally and personally assures I can deliver the results you are after. 

I love reading, listening to personal development podcasts, taking pictures and travel and educating people about gaining better health (naturally, without slaving themselves in the gym).  Many many life experiences later I have come to learn that each year, month, week or day, more beautiful transformation takes place within me and as an effect touches my encompassing network of community better and more efficiently.
I love living a healthy lifestyle with highly nourishing wholefoods – more details here at Health & Wellness.
I love having fun, chats and activities like exercising for well-being, hiking or road trips with my kids and friends.
Keeping up with current trends, grounded by history and culture.
I’m a social connector and thrive with people.

My professional Photography career started in 1996, with a traditional 3 year apprenticeship in analog photography in my hometown of Berlin.
Growing up in a restricting 70s East Germany and leaving in 1989, completing school in West Germany with the ticket to ‘freedom’ and choice, I spent a couple of years travelling and living around the Middle East and Australia.
The completion of my photography studies and hands-on biz training in 1999, saw the explorer in me calling out, yet again:
Go, seek ‘new-to-you’ lands, explore New Zealand. 
I listened, I migrated, and here I am!

My specialty truly lies in connecting with People: