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One, two, three… go!

Hello world,
I was contemplating what I possibly could write about in my very first ‘goodanya’ blog.
Should it be a topic related to the obvious … photography?
Or a bit of my parallel universe, also referred to as family?

You’ll be happy to know I did come up with something.

I’m going to write about a funny little conversation between two 5 and half year old boys. Admittedly, I was involved. I sparked off the conversation.

Here it goes:
I headed along for a school outing to the Auckland Museum with my older son’s class. (For you who don’t know him, I commonly refer to him as Mr R)
On the short walk back to school heading across the field I asked Mr R’s
buddy D: What are your plans for the upcoming holidays? Are you staying in town or you headed to Taiwan?

* Now, this is the point in time where Mr R’s brain steps it up *

Not a split second is spared and Mr R takes lead in the conversation immediately  —  happily chanting ‘Taitwo, Taithree, Taifour…’
His friend giggled, joined in and they were unstoppable in their great new way of counting! Giggling and chanting along all the way back to school, each coming up with great new number-inventions.

I, well, I could barely stop laughing. Here we go, the unexpectedness of beautiful lateral (and unpredictable) thinking!
Next time you ever think about Taiwan, you might think out loud and call it Taitwo or Taionehundredmillion 🙂
I’ll never think of Taiwan the same way again!

TaiOne, two, three… go!

PS: Needless to say we never got an answer to the question!